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Shatoburian Yakiniku – Elevating an Assortment of Flavours in Wagyu Yakiniku Cuisine

The name “Shatoburian” is derived from a phonetic play on Chateaubriand, which as Wagyu aficionados know, is made from the most tender cut of the cow.

This yakiniku haven prides themselves on serving A5 Wagyu beef that has been strictly procured from approved auction houses in Japan, delivering cream of the crop produce. Shatoburian’s menu features prime cuts of Japanese Wagyu beef starting from chateaubriand to ribeye to sirloin, and even misuji (a rare cut located behind the shoulder) and fresh seasonal ingredients from different regions in Japan. Apart from the meats, caviar and foie gras from France can also be savoured here, depending on seasonal availability.

The restaurant has counter seats, tables and private rooms, making it perfect for any occasion.

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